Rules and How to Play Sicbo Online

Rules and How to Play Sicbo Online – playing Sicbo Online is quite simple, using three dice and one stick. Now, technology has advanced significantly, allowing you to play this game through Sicbo game interfaces or via mobile or smart devices, or through computers or laptops.

While waiting for all players to be ready to place their bets, the dealer will give you time to choose a room to bet on. Then, you can select one of the numbers that you consider to have a good chance of winning the bet. Three dice will be shaken by the leader after the leader reveals the dice results.

Here we will provide you with some rules and How to Play Sicbo Online, including the following:


In every sicbo online game on each website, the rules are different, depending on the rules of the website itself. For example, it may differ with a minimum deposit and minimum expenditure of 25 thousand and there are also minimum 50 thousand. But for that, the installation system is clearly still the same. The bets inside are Big or Small. Single Number Bet, Double Bet, Total Dice Bet, Odd/Even Bet, Twin Bet, Third Bet, and Select Three Bet.


If you are a new player in the game and are having difficulty, try tapping on small betting numbers first. You can try tapping on the numbers on the 2 dice bet first. That way, your chances of winning are much greater.


Single number bets are easy bets, for example, the probability of values 1 to 3 from the representative dice showing the number you have chosen. In this bet, you have to choose your favorite player to bet on.


What is called a triple dice bet is the most difficult bet but it pays the most. Actually, it’s not difficult for you to win, if you already understand how the game works, it will be easier for you to determine the formula or method you will use when playing. But you must know exactly how to estimate the odds that appear in the betting game you choose. As you know, there are many possibilities in this online Sicbo board game.

Rules and How to Play Sicbo Online. The last tip we will give you is that you don’t need to rush to determine the number you will make later. You might think for a moment that the dealer gives you the opportunity to press the bet button and asks you to enter the amount you want to bet on the betting table. That’s the advice we give you for playing Sicbo Online. Don’t try to play with instinct alone. Because your instinct might be deceived by the stars you put in the bet.

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