Soccer Mix Parlay Betting – In Indonesia, online soccer betting is the most favored game compared to other types of gambling. Its popularity surpasses that of online live casinos or poker, which are notably the two most popular games globally. Understandably, given that soccer is the sport with the largest fan base in Indonesia. And for soccer enthusiasts, spending weekends without soccer betting feels bland.

One of the most popular types or markets for soccer betting is multiple bets or mix parlay. This soccer market is highly favored because it offers multiplied prizes with just a small stake. With just a stake of 10,000 rupiahs, you could win millions. The condition is that all the matches you predict must be correct without a single loss.

What Is Soccer Mix Parlay Betting?

Soccer mix parlay betting is placing soccer bets on a minimum of 3 teams from 3 soccer matches. You can place bets on more than 3 matches. The more matches you participate in, and if they all end in wins, the larger the winning amount you will get. It’s no wonder many refer to mix parlay as the jackpot of soccer betting.

In one soccer mix parlay betting game, we can place bets on many soccer markets. You can bet on Asian Handicap, Correct Score (predicting the exact score), over/under, 1×2, Odd even, as well as Total Goals for Half time and Full Time.

How to Calculate Soccer Mix Parlay Betting
Each win will be multiplied by the offered odds. The larger the odds value you win, the larger the winning amount you will get. Here’s how to calculate winnings in soccer mix parlay betting:

All Stake Win (All Winning Bets)

This happens when all your bets win, for example:

Manchester City vs Chelsea: 2–1 (Over 2.5 bet @2 = win)
Celta Vigo vs Malaga: 1–0 (Under 2 bet @1.90 = win)
Arsenal vs Barcelona: 2–0 (Handicap choose Arsenal gets ¼ @1.80 = win)
AS Monaco Vs Lille: 3–1 (Handicap choose AS Monaco gets ¾ @2.10 = win)
Then the calculation is 2 x 1.90 x 1.80 x 2.10 = 14.36. For example, if you bet 100,000, then your net winnings (14.36 x 100) – 100, equal to 1.336 million.
Remember, the formula: (Total Odds x Bet Value) – Bet Value

Draw Stake (Draw Bets)

A draw stake occurs if at least one of the bets we place ends in a draw. For example:

Arsenal vs Chelsea: 0–1 (Under 2.5 bet @2.20 = Win)
Eibar vs Valencia: 3–2 (Over 3 bet @1.80 = Win)
PSG Vs AS Monaco: 2–1 (Handicap choose PSG gets 1–1.5 @2.30 = Win ½)
Munich vs Bayer Leverkusen: 1–0 (Handicap choose Munich gets 0.5 @1.90 = Win)
Then the calculation is Win ½ = ((Odds -1) / 2) + 1. So 2.30–1 = 1.30 / 2. Then 0.65 + 1 = 1.65 (Odds from winning ½). After that, add up all the odds, namely 2.20 x 1.80 x 1.65 x 1.90 = 12.41. If you bet 100,000, then your net winnings are (12.41 x 100) -100 = 1.141 million.
Lose Half (Half Losing Bets)

This occurs when one of the bets you place ends in a half loss. For example:

Watford vs Everton: 0–3 (Over 2.5 bet @2 = Win)
Crystal Palace vs Tottenham: 2–2 (Over 3 bet @2.10 = Win)
Chelsea vs Arsenal: 0–0 (Handicap choose Chelsea gets ¼ @2 = Lose ½)
Celtic vs Newcastle: 1–0 (Under 2.5 bet @1.90 = Win)
The calculation for the odds of the team that loses half = 0.5. So 2 x 2.10 x 0.5 x 1.90 = 3.99. Your net winnings if your bet stake is 100,000 equals (3.99 x 100) – 100 = 2.99 million.
Winning Strategies for Soccer Mix Parlay Betting
Seen from the calculations above, on average with a betting stake of 100,000 if you win, you could earn millions of rupiahs. So, to win soccer mix parlay bets, we can use several strategies as follows:

Choose 1/4 or 3/4 Markets

Indeed, to get maximum profits, all the matches we participate in must end in full wins. But if there is even one bet that loses, then all other bets in one package will be void.

To avoid this, we can choose matches that allow us to lose half or win half. That’s why we recommend placing bets that offer a 1/4 (0.25) or 3/4 (0.75) market. With this, if there’s a bet that loses or wins half, we still get a profit, albeit with a smaller amount.

Don’t Get Trapped by Big Odds Values

This is one of the mistakes many players make when betting mix parlay at your chosen soccer agent. They get caught up in big odds values in pursuit of big wins. Indeed, if you win, the results will be fantastic. But by adding the number of matches in one package, it means the chances of winning also become slimmer.

Therefore, don’t just be tempted by the Odds values. But look at the matches, whether you believe in their outcome or not. Only place bets on matches where you are confident of winning.

Don’t Forget to Read Soccer Match Predictions

As a conclusion to soccer mix parlay betting strategies, we suggest always reading match predictions. By reading match predictions, we can see history, head-to-head, team interests, the lineup of players fielded, and other factors to make predictions much more accurate.

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