California plan to slash planet-warming emissions and obtain carbon neutrality attracts criticism

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Warmth waves and drought gripping California spotlight the urgency to slash fossil gasoline use and take away planet-warming emissions from the air, a prime official state stated Thursday as discussions started on a brand new proposal for the way the state will meet its formidable local weather targets. “I feel each single … Read more

Opinion: Canada’s carbon offset market begins to take form, with lots of pitfalls nonetheless to be averted

Atmosphere and Local weather Change Minister Steven Guilbeault rises throughout Query Interval within the Home of Commons on June 7.PATRICK DOYLE/The Canadian Press The federal authorities is lastly starting to implement a controversial and long-delayed piece of its nationwide carbon pricing technique. On Wednesday, Atmosphere Minister Steven Guilbeault introduced that he’s able to launch a … Read more

Here’s How The ‘Carbon Footprint’ Should Really Be Used – It’s Not For Shifting Blame

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”, according to a famous business mantra often attributed to management guru Peter Drucker. This can help explain why carbon emissions are under more scrutiny than ever as we ramp up our efforts to avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change. For example, the “carbon footprint” – a way … Read more

Acid Oceans Could Drastically Cut Down One of The World’s Biggest Oxygen Producers

The tiny floating organisms that supply our world with as much as a fifth of its oxygen will be in dire straights as our oceans acidify, new research suggests. The creatures, called diatoms, will be deprived of the silica building blocks they need to construct their protective shells, which come in all sorts of dazzling … Read more