US government gives $3.5 billion to carbon capture program

The US federal government will dole out $3.5 billion for a carbon capture project to attempt to minimize the damage of climate change. In a statement released on Thursday, the US Department of Energy announced the massive financial investment into a “program to capture and store carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution directly from the air.” The … Read more

Equilibrium/Sustainability — Farmer blames auto giant for bad crops

A farmer in Germany is blaming Volkswagen for the damage global warming is inflicting upon his crops, arguing the auto giant is at least partly responsible. The farmer claims drier soil and heavy rainfall — which he attributes to climate change — are harming his fields, animals and commercial forests, The Associated Press reports. He … Read more

California reservoirs: The state’s two largest are already at ‘critically low levels’ and the dry season is just starting

CNN — Against the backdrop of the water crisis in the Colorado River Basin, where the country’s largest reservoirs are plunging at an alarming rate, California’s two largest reservoirs — Shasta Lake and Lake Oroville — are facing a similar struggle. Years of low rainfall and snowpack and more intense heat waves have fed directly … Read more